Raleigh Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

If you are looking to enhance, augment, or improve the look of the backside, the Brazilian buttock lift, also called “Brazilian Butt Lift” or simply BBL, may be the right option for you. This procedure begins by removing fat from the abdomen, hips, or thighs, and transferring it to the buttocks via injection. The end result is a fuller, more round appearance.

Understanding the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Much of our body shape is determined by genetics, including the size and general form of the buttock. Diet and exercise can play a role in how your body looks, but getting a curvier or more shapely backside may not be possible no matter how your eat or work out. This is why the Brazilian buttock lift, or BBL, is becoming more popular with men and women in Raleigh and across the United States. Instead of relying on implants, the BBL is a specialized method of transferring fat from one area, often the belly, back, or thighs, to the buttocks. The extra fat is removed via liposuction, then is carefully processed to be injected into the backside to create the shape our patient is seeking.

The Brazilian butt lift is often performed on women and men who have buttocks that are flat, small, or appear to sag or lack volume. In order to increase the likelihood of success for this procedure, our patients need to have healthy skin tone through the hip and buttock area, and there needs to be an adequate amount of excess fat available to perform liposuction. Dr. Ortiz will provide you with a comprehensive consultation to determine if this procedure is right for you, as well as walking you through how and where the fat will be transferred, what you can expect during the procedure, and what the recovery time looks like. To learn more, read our most frequently asked questions about BBL or reach out to us with questions.

If you want to feel more confident in the shape of your body and enhance the look of your buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift may be the right procedure for you! Our board-certified North Raleigh plastic surgeon, Dr. Ortiz has over two decades of experience in working with patients to provide solutions to help them feel more comfortable and confident in how they look. Reach out to our office today to schedule a 1:1 consultation and learn if the Brazilian butt lift is right for you by calling us at 919-532-2270 or contact by filling out the easy-to-use online contact form below.

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