Ear Pinning Surgery in Raleigh

Having prominent ears can be a source of self consciousness for many people – through childhood prominent ears can lead to teasing and bullying, and that pain doesn’t go away in adulthood. Fortunately, our North Raleigh plastic surgery center offers otoplasty, more commonly called ear pinning surgery. This simple outpatient procedure improves how large, protruding, or misshapen ears look so your facial features appear more balanced and you can face the world with confidence!

ear pinning plastic surgery

Understanding Ear Pinning Surgery

Otoplasty is a low-risk, minimally invasive procedure that only requires a brief amount of downtime and is completed in just two to three hours. Also called "ear pinning surgery," this procedure is performed on both adults and children over the age of five. In fact, it's often easier to perform this procedure on children as the cartilage is more flexible and easier to work with.

To perform this surgery, a small incision is made behind where your ear naturally folds. From here, we can reshape the skin and cartilage to make the ears less prominent and align better with your facial features, then small stitches are used to close the incision.

Whether you are considering otoplasty for yourself or for a child, Dr. Ortiz will sit down with you to discuss how the procedure works along with the risks and benefits so you have a clear understanding of whether or not this procedure is right for you. Many people who undergo ear pinning do experience more confidence in their appearance.

If the size or shape of your hears are affecting you or someone you love's self-confidence, otoplasty surgery may help! Dr. Ortiz brings over 20 years of experience to his North Raleigh patients and strives to make each patient feel comfortable with the experience as well as confident in their appearance! Call our Raleigh plastic surgery center at 919-532-2270 or fill out the easy-to-use online contact form use to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ortiz today.

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