Breast Augmentation FAQs

Considering a breast augmentation or breast implants? Learn more about the procedure with answers to our frequently asked questions.

Breast Augmentation Questions

What is a breast augmentation?

In the simplest terms, a breast augmentation increases the volume of the breasts, either by adding implants or grafting fat from one area of the body and moving it to the breasts.

What happens at my initial consultation?

Dr. Ortiz will sit down with you to discuss your goals for your surgery, the procedure itself, as well as the outcome. During this time, you’ll also be able to determine what options and sizing is right for you.

How much does a breast augmentation cost?

Breast augmentation pricing really depends on what kind of implant is used and whether the areola needs to be manipulated or moved. However, the cost of the procedure generally ranges between $10,000 – $11,000.

What are your payment terms?

A 25 percent payment of the total cost of surgery is required to secure a surgery date, and any remaining balance must be paid in full no later than two weeks before your procedure. While insurance may not cover a breast augmentation, we do accept Care Credit, all major credit cards, and offer a cash discount.

What are the different types of breast implants?

Breast implants are made from either silicone or saline. The two types look and feel a bit different in the body, so type of implant we use will most likely depend on your personal preference. They are also available in “teardrop” and “round” shapes with the teardrop shape looking very natural.

What is included in the cost of the procedure?

Your total cost includes all your pre-op and post-op appointments as well as the entire cost of the surgery itself  plus any post-op compression garments. We do not include prescription pain medicine in the price, nor does North Raleigh Plastic Surgery dispense pain medication.

What should I expect after a breast augmentation?

Following your procedure, your implants will be elevated (Commonly referred to as “riding high”), but around three months post-operation, the implants will settle into their permanent position.

How long does the breast augmentation procedure last?

While the surgery itself only takes around an hour and a half, plan to be at the center for around three hours. You’ll need to have anesthesia administered prior to the surgery and post-op preparation to go home.

What kind of anesthesia will be used?

Our licensed anesthetist administers IV sedation for breast augmentations.

What is the recovery process like?

Following your surgery, you’ll need someone to drive you home from North Raleigh Plastic Surgery and stay with you for 24 hours because you had anesthesia. Also, you will be prescribed narcotic pain medication for two days following your breast augmentation, so you will not be able to drive.

After you stop taking narcotic pain medication, you can switch to NSAIDs and resume driving. Many of our patients return to work around this time, though we do recommend you avoid any strenuous activity, lifting, or working out for six weeks. You’ll also need to wear compression garments for six weeks following your surgery and avoid sleeping on your stomach.

What kind of scars will I have?

The incisions for breast augmentations are made in inconspicuous locations to avoid noticeable scars. Most of our patients will have a one to two-inch scar in the crease on the underside of their breast, though some incisions are made around the areola. Here, scarring is hidden by the change in skin pigment and texture.

Are there complications with a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentations are very safe procedures with only 5 percent of patients reporting complications. The most common post-surgery complications are infection where the incisions are made, hematoma, and scarring. During your consultation, Dr. Ortiz will discuss any possibility of complications with you.

How many post-op appointments will I have?

There will be at least three post-op appointments with Dr. Ortiz : one will be five to seven days after the surgery, one appointment at two months, and the final appointment will be six months post-op. If you need to see Dr. Ortiz at any time between these appointments, please call us.

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