Raleigh Plastic Surgery FAQs

North Raleigh Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

At North Raleigh Plastic Surgery, we do everything we can to keep you informed and feeling comfortable and confident through every step of the process. To help you learn more about receiving plastic surgery, we’ve created a list that includes our commonly asked questions.

After the first consultation, how many other visits are their before my procedure? 

Following the initial consultation, we will schedule on more pre-operative appointment so you can ask questions and get additional in-depth details about your procedure from Dr. Ortiz. We will also take pre-operative photos to include in your medical chart.

How long will the surgery last?

How long the procedure takes depends on the type of surgery, the extent of the procedure, and the patient, however, most surgeries run between one and six hours.

How long will I need help at home after the surgery?

If you’re recovering from anesthesia, you will need someone at home with you for a full 24 hours after you arrive home from surgery. This includes having someone drive you home. After the first day, you’ll only need additional help for six weeks when it comes to carrying or lifting anything over 20 pounds or performing more strenuous activity.

What types of activities should I avoid after my surgery? And for how long?

We recommend you go at your comfort level regarding everyday activities, such as walking and light housework. However, you need to avoid lifting anything over 20 pounds, working out, or pushing or pulling large or heavy items for six weeks. During this time, you’ll need to wear a compression garment.

How long should I expect to be out of work?

How much time you take off work is dependent on the surgery and your career. However, most of our patients take between three days for breast augmentation and 14 days for more intrusive surgeries like the Brazilian butt lift or a mommy makeover.

How long will I be sore after the surgery?

In most surgeries, the inflammation reaches its peak around three days following your surgery. After that point, the swelling and pain start subsiding. However, this is more of an average, much of your recovery depends on the procedure you’re having done.

How long until the swelling goes down?

Wound healing is not an overnight process. The initial swelling generally subsides 14 days after your procedure, but wound healing can take several months before you see the true “end result.” Dr. Ortiz will be able to provide you with a more exact answer during your pre-op consultation.

How long until the final results of the surgery are visible?

You’ll see the final outcomes of your procedure around three months, though you may see a few shifts around six months.

Do I Change My Bandages?

You can remove your bandages around 48 hours post-operation. Following that, you can take a shower.

How many follow-up visits are scheduled?

You will have one post-op appointment at around one week post operation and another one two or three months after your surgery. If needed, we will schedule additional appointments.

How much does cosmetic surgery cost?  cosmetic surgery procedures?

The price range for your cosmetic procedure really depends greatly on the type of surgery you schedule. Estimates are available for each of our most popular procedures, but these quotes are dependent on your case and your insurance coverage (if your insurance covers cosmetic surgeries.)

Quotes for plastic surgery include all preoperative evaluations, photos, visitation with staff & doctor, surgical garments, and anesthesia.

If you still have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, call our Raleigh plastic surgery center at (919) 532-2270 or fill out our online contact form.