Raleigh Arm Lifts

Whether it’s caused by age, weight loss, or other factors, many women and men struggle with sagging skin and fat deposits on their upper arms. While exercise and strength training can help with tone, it won’t solve loose skin or fat deposits. Instead, a brachioplasty procedure may be right for you to help you achieve smooth, contoured arms.

Raleigh arm lift surgery

Is an arm lift right for you?

A brachioplasty involves removing loose skin and fat deposits, then smoothing the underlying tissue to create more definition in the upper arm. The procedure begins with an incision on the inside of the upper arm, and any excess fat will be removed using liposuction techniques. The underlying supportive tissues will be tightened and resculpted, ending in smoothing the skin over the newly contoured shape. Any excess skin will be removed, resulting in a smoother, tighter upper arm. If you are having an arm lift to remove excess skin after massive weight loss, it is best to have reached your goal weight before surgery.

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